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Dan Brubeck Quartet & Trio

L-R: Tony Foster, Steve Kaldestad, Adam Thomas, Dan

L-R: Dan, Tony Foster, Steve Kaldestad, Adam Thomas

L-R: Miles Black, Adam Thomas, Dan

L-R: Miles Hill, Miles Black, Dan

Dan Brubeck

       1222p x 1758p, 300ppi

       300p x 432p, 72ppi

       417p x 625p, 150ppi

       300p x 450p, 72ppi

       2251p x 2836p, 300ppi

       300p x 378p, 72ppi

2015 CD: “Celebrating the Music and Lyrics of Dan & Iola Brubeck”

       1400p x 1400p, 300ppi

       250p x 250p, 72ppi

CD package interior showing 28-page booklet